About Us

Our food is the real deal! With recipes culled from our mother's kitchens. We bring fresh, healthy, flavorful Indian food.

Our passion is to create a restaurant offering fresh, healthy and flavorful Indian food. We bring the best from our kitchen and the flavor from the Streets of India.Our menu reflects the diversity of India, steeped in the classics while offering deft touches of modernity.

Influenced by a range of culinary traditions, from colorful street foods to the hidden staples of home cooks, our menu is anchored in the regional cuisines of India. Using the best of the Maryland’s seasonal organic ingredients, our chef melds traditional Indian preparations with contemporary techniques.

We at Banana Leaf believe that food is a conversation of life and want to recreate that dialogue through our ingredient-focused menu. By evoking hints of their own nostalgia, our chefs have created traditional dishes the way they’re meant to be cooked: with a variety of herbs and spices made in-house while staying true to India.

Come with your spice-appreciating friends, and join us for a sensational feast!